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SETAC MAgPIE drift mitigation toolbox

A general summary of the SETAC MagPIE drift mitigation toolbox is provided below.

Further details on each of these measures are detailed in the SETAC MagPie proceedings which are available for download and consultation at the following website address. (link to be inserted from email).

A more detailed summary of these measures can be found in the ETAC Magpie proceedings as table 4.12. This table is reproduced here to provide further background information on measures which have been identified as promising or well established mitigation measures for managing spray drift. 

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Table 4.1.2 Overview of the risk mitigation measures (RMM) suitable to reduce impact of spray drift. RMM are allocated into the following categories: Buffer Zones (BZ) aimed at reducing exposure of off-crop area via spray drift, Spray Drift Reduction Technologies (SDRT), which involve any technology associated with sprayers, nozzles, or spraying techniques that will reduce drift, and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which relate to product application (dose and application regime). Note that mitigation measures associated with field margin management may have a complementary spray drift reduction benefit but are discussed in Chapter 7. The corresponding Risk Mitigation Measure Technical Sheets (RMMTS) are listed in the last column together with their location in the proceedings.

  1. Not to be promoted

  2. Under development

  3. Needs consolidation/research

  4. Promising tool implemented in some Member States

  5. Well established tool implemented in most Member States.

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